Server Info

•Server Information:
-Gepard 3.0
-DDOS Protected
-Max Base Level: 255
-Max Job Level: 120
-Max Aspd: 196
-Max Stats: 255
-Server type Pre-Renewal
-Kiel base
-Hunting/Quest Server
-Can Quest & Hunt Donate Items
-Unfrozen BTS Set
-Balanced Skills & Job Classes (Modified)
-Custom Equips & Modified Cards
-Main Language: English
-Server timezone: GMT +8
-Proxy SEA & US - SERVER

-Normal Cards 30%
-MVP Cards 15%
-Rare MVP Cards 1-10%
-Job Class: Transcendent

-NPC Freebies
-Solo Packacge
-Guild package (minimum of 10 members)

•Game setup
-Quest Items @quest
-MVP Room
-PVP Ladder
-Monster Arena
-Break The Seal
-ET once a week
-Poring Catcher
-Bossinia once a monthe before GOTM
-No Imba items
-Hall of Fame
-Gold Room
-Event NPC
-Vote for Points System and Shop
-Stat Reset NPC
-@request for assistance or message us on our FB page
-Hourly System (Stay for 1 hour and get Poring coin, Note: Timer will reset if you log out)
-Woe Everyday and GOTM ( 9pm to 10pm GMT+8 )
-And Many more